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Located adjacent to the city of Jarrell, Texas, Sonterra is the second fastest growing community in Williamson County. Sonterra currently has an estimated population of 3,000, while the total preliminary property appraisal within the district is over $158 million. A young community, Sonterra already has a pool and community center, an elementary school, a fire station, a church, restaurants, convenience stores, a laundromat, apartments, and more.

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Next Meeting
Monday, Sept. 25th
The regular Sonterra MUD Board of Directors meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30pm.

Sonterra Pool Summer Session 2017
Summer Session information...

Water Quality FAQs and Board Action related to Water Quality at the June 19th, 2017 Board Meeting meeting.

KVUE report:
"Testing water quality - How do neighboring cities compare?"

Weekly Fluoride Test Results
Test date 6/23/17 Water Distribution system 3.84mg/L Fluoride
Test date 6/29/17 Water Distribution system 3.71mg/L Fluoride
Test date 7/12/17 Water Distribution system 3.41mg/L Fluoride
Test date 7/18/17 Water Distribution system 4.24mg/L Fluoride
Test date 7/21/17 Water Distribution system 3.79mg/L Fluoride
Test date 8/02/17 Water Distribution system 3.81mg/L Fluoride
Test date 8/08/17 Water Distribution system 3.70mg/L Fluoride
Test date 8/15/17 Water Distribution system 3.62mg/L Fluoride
Test date 8/22/17 Water Distribution system 3.57mg/L Fluoride
Test date 9/06/17 Water Distribution system 3.53mg/L Fluoride
Test date 9/12/17 Water Distribution system 3.95mg/L Fluoride
Test date 9/19/17 Water Distribution system 3.62mg/L Fluoride

Flouride Maximum Contaminant Level notice 8/30/17

Fluoride Update System Emails will be reposted on the News page.

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Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Sonterra MUD is issuing Stage 2 Water Restrictions:

Please keep in mind that Stage 2 has some restrictions as outlined below:

Stage 2 Restrictions

The complete Drought Contingency Plan is available online, or a copy can be obtained from the District Manager's office at 113 Limestone Terrace.

The clubhouse is available for meetings or parties in the off-season.
More clubhouse and pool info...

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